Directed by Milos Radivojevic, 1978.

Cast: Aleksandar Bercek, Neda Arneric, Milena Dravic, Ljuba Tadic and others.

A young man can see hypocrites all around and he finds that he himself is one of them: as a journalist, as a married man, as a friend. As a result of his bad conscience he suffers from herpes on his sexual organ. This motive appears in the novel “Pink Archipelagoe” but it is a global metaphore here. Hence the title “Failure”.

The film “Failure” was one of the top ten after the world film review. Among the other films on the list there were Apocalipse Now (Coppola), Prova d'orchestra (Fellini), Die Blechtrommel (Schlondorff), The Deer Hunter (Cimino), Autumn Sonata (Bergman)...



directed by Milos Radivojevic, 1988.

cast: Aleksandar Bercek, MilenaDravic, and others

It was originally a radio play which was awarded the prize at the anonymous contest organized by Radio Belgrade. The main subject is the forbidden friendship of two boys, a poor one and a rich one. Friendship as an aspect of love removes social barriers and the boy who is rejected for his poor social background becomes hero in the life of the other one who is from a middle class family.

The film is the prize winner at film festivals in Venice , Aiaccio, Kosalin. Nine awards altogether.

It was not widely publicized in Belgrade . There was no a formal opening night.
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