Svetozar Vlajković was born in Belgrade in 1938., where he graduated from the School of Law , the University of Belgrade .

He was an editor of culture programs in Radio Belgrade for four decades.

S.Vlajkovic has published thirteen novels, four collections of short stories, dozens of radio and TV plays. Three of his drama plays have been put on stage and a few more have been published in periodicals.

He wrote essays on the theory of theatre and acting, radio esthetics, literature, a few of which he dedicated to some prominent Serbian writers and painters.

He is the author of two feature-length films.

As a painter he finds motives in landscapes and among people compatible to his imaginary world of literature. He illustrated three of his books. His overall activity is focused on an effort to understand and affirm life.

Svetozar Vlajkovic lives in his birth place.
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